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Canglon Forest Reserve
Canglon Forest Reserve
Darien Province

Canglon Forest Reserve directions
The Canglon Forest Reserve is in the Darien Province, you can access the Canglon Forest Reserve through the Yaviza highway which is situated between Tuira and Canglon rivers, the Reserve has a large variety of tropical forest, the Canglon Forest Reserve has species such as jaguar, poncho, saino, rabbit, neque, and manglatero cat, you can even find birds like the red eagle, macaws and parrots.

It is also easy to find crocodiles, snakes, or iguanas, they are the common species of Canglon Forest Reserve, in addition the marine areas contain blue crab and various species of marine and freshwater fish, infact the Canglon Forest Reserve with it's natural beauty and amazing wildlife will undoubtedly leave a good impression on you, Panama with it's ethnic culture and varied wildlife has become one of the major tourist attractions in the world.

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Canglon Forest Reserve

Canglon Forest Reserve

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