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Explore Panama

There is plenty to expore around Panama, like the Canglon Forest Reserve, Bridge of the Americas or if you really want to venture out why not visit San Blas Islands? though they are hard to get to they offer a unique insight into the Kuna Native american life, the Darien gap in the south is the most exciting part Panama.

Explore Panama
Tourist Information for Panama.

Panama, the courteous country, where there are varied tropical landscapes and lifestyles for old and young alike, an adventurer's paradise, the country boasts a high level of plantations, plus there is lots of sun, sea and beaches. Panama is boarded by rugged volcanic mountains in the west and low mountains in the east and beside the Caribbean and Pacific coasts in the lowlands.

There is a line of offshore islands where natural riches are found in tropical a climate, the major population of country is urban, with Colón being the second largest city and David the third largest city, primarily the population is mestizo (mixed Spanish and Indian), although Panama Canal has a great number of people from different parts of the world, the official language of country is Spanish, predominantly Panama is Roman Catholic.


Panama has an exhilarating coalition of society and cultural influence, the customs and language of the people is predominantly Caribbean Spanish, Panama has an ethnic mixed culture, including Indian tribes, Middle Eastern, West Indians, mestizos, Swiss, Chinese, North American, and Yugoslav immigrants. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers brought Spanish culture and traditions to Panama, although, they created something new, the Kuna.

Tribal Panamanians' culture remained mostly unchanged, even today they are a close knit community in terms of family, community, and simple lifestyle. They have a matriarchal society, holding a special place for women, rich in traditional arts, each province reflects a varied folklore, the main festival highlights of the country are the Carnivals, which is celebrated in the month of February, throughout Panama.


Panama has a mixed western service based economy, heavily relies on tourism, banking, and commerce, the United States military installations have brought forth new construction projects, primarily, as the country's economy is based on the service sector, such as the Panama Canal, banking, insurance, medical, health, and other businesses, accounting almost 80% of its GDP, it stands third in terms of highest GDP per capita in the Central America.

Panama joined the WTO or World Trade Organization in 1996, the WTO membership allowed Panama to export it's goods with reduced import duties and tariffs, but, the slowdown of the economy in the United States has caused a further slowdown in Panama's economy, since US is the largest trading partners of WTO, currently nearly 15 percent of the nation's total budget is dedicated to debt management.

Government & Political Conditions.

Panama represents democracy in the form of it's government, including executive, legislative and independently appointed judiciary, they play an important role in the functioning of the Panama government, for instance, the executive branch is represented by a president and two vice presidents.

The legislative branch is a unicameral National Assembly of 78 members, the judicial branch is an organization of a nine member Supreme Court, the activities of the political parties, election process and voter registration are supervised by autonomous Electoral Tribunal and the Election Commission of the country allows any one over 18 years to vote.


Panama offers quality medical services and facilities with many medical complexes or modern hospitals around the country, about 45 per cent of it's physicians are located in the city itself. The hospitals provide patients with first rate health care facilities, most of Panamanian doctors have been trained in United States, in this country, private health insurance is less expensive than in US, even the prices for prescription drugs are comparatively lower.

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Explore Panama

Explore Panama

Explore Panama

Explore Panama

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