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Travelling around Panama

If you want to make your own way around Panama using public transport then you will not be disappointed with the excellent service that is available, though if you are looking to have more freedom you could always hire a car for travelling around Panama.

Travelling around Panama
Getting Around Panama by Car.

Admittedly, there are numerous tourist attractions and destinations in the city of Panama, if independent travellers want to get around by car, can hire a taxi as it makes an economical choice to enjoy the places in and around the city of Panama at your own convenience and leisure. If you have chosen to drive on your own by renting a private car, just pay attention to the signals on the road, you may come across some signs that are easy to miss as they can be very small. You can find car rental kiosks at Tocumen and Albrook airports that can provide you with car hire, many rental agencies can show you the quickest routes for travelling around Panama.

Getting Around Panama by Train.

Panama is a multicultural place, though the main language is Spanish, the customer service in Panama is improving so as to attract even more visitors to Panama.If you want to catch a train here there is a single train between Panama City and Colon, that offers excellent sight seeing of the surrounding rainforest and the Panama canal. There is another train you can catch from Almirante in Bocas Del Toro to the border of Costa Rica, this is the banana railway, basically this train is for plantation workers and is comparatively slower, the city of Panama offers you an extremely friendly approach to add on to your travel experience, ensuring that getting around the city is more pleasurable

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