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Activities in Panama

If your looking to enjoy plenty of activities then why not visit the Gamboa Rainforest Resort for a health spa or catch a round of golf at the Coronado Golf Club, also you could try other activities like Fishing, Rafting.

Activities in Panama

Fishing a very popular leisure activity for most tourists and a country like Panama can be an ideal location for the sport, as the region is surrounded by sea, at places like the Caribbean Sea,Gatun Lake, the bay of Piñas or around the Pacific, there are even many tourist spots which have gained a mass accreditation by providing the best fishing sites to tourists. One such tourist spot are the Pearl Islands, which has a cluster of around forty small islands providing a variety of quality fishes and since the climate is good all year round, however tourists prefer the summer season for visiting this fishing destination as the sea is flooded with fishes like amberjack and sole.


Panama has many water sports for tourists to enjoy, in last few years this region has witnessed a boom in tourism, this partly due to the gaining popularity of water sports. There are many hotels in and around the country providing ample opportunities and facilities to their lodgers for the water sports, one of the most thrilling water sports is rafting.

Panama is an ideal location for white water rafting on rivers like the river of Chiriqui Viejo that's in the Chiriqui province. Chiriqui Viejo entertains tourists all year round through the prominent canyons, waterfalls and the waterways it has, making the sport of rafting an exhilarating experience, the place is also a great destination for kayaking, you can take a domestic flight from Panama city and you can reach the province of Chiriqui in about an hour.


There are multitudes of sports played in Panama apart from the water sports, one of them is golf, this sport has become popular in Panama. The city caters for both amateurs as well as expert golfers and there are many professional golf associations and clubs like the Tour de las Americas, European Tour, PGA Nationwide Tour, Coronado Golf Club, etc, which not only encourages the sport, but also offers the best golf courses in Central America. The Coronado Golf Club near the Pacific Coast is an excellent eighteen hole golf course that is located 83 miles away from Panama, the Coronado Golf Club is designed especially for professional golfers.

Health Spa's.

There are a couple of resorts and exclusive hotels which provide health Spas, visiting health spas are one of the best ways to relax, Panama's tourism boom has helped to develop good hotels which at least provide a variety of massages, sauna's, facials, gym and other health treatments. Many hotels have developed their own specialized spa treatments, like at the Gamboa Rainforest Resort, Decapolis Radisson, Inter Continental Playa Bonita Resort & Spa, Veneto Hotel & Casino, the Gamboa Rainforest Resort is one of the best and most popular spa centres in the country, they provide many traditional as well as the new treatments, even visitors can enjoy the spa there, even if they are not staying at the Resort.

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