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Museums & Culture in Panama

Panama's history has been shaped by the evolution of the world economy and the ambitions of great powers, if you want to learn much more then why not visit the History Museum of Panama or the Panama Viejo.

Museums & Culture in Panama
Culture in Panama.

The culture in Panama is a blend of various traditions from around the world namely, the United States, Spain, American Indies, and Africa, therefore to avoid the establishment of any external force the Chiriqui culture and the Veraguas together with Monagrillos and Cocle culture intermingled to protect the country. The architectural buildings that are preserved in Panama include colonial buildings and church's, even today there are many ancient cities around Panama that are found with houses having Andalusian style backyards, Panama has very strong cultural roots, be it tradition, custom, or education, Panama has got many eminent scholars in the fields of literature, poetry, art, and music.

Panama has a blended culture that is often reflected in it's more traditional products, including pottery, woodcarvings, ceremonial masks, architecture, festivals, and cuisine, with the increasing tourism industry there are a great number of villagers that are producing crafted baskets for tourists, which were earlier only used as day to day utility products, also, Kuna Indians or Molas are responsible for the unique culture in Panama, the Molas represent fine works of art of Kuna tribe's women, infact, Panama with it's traditional and contemporary art has lot to offer.

Museum of Colonial Religious Art.

The Museum of Colonial Religious Art is in an 18th century chapel and has collections of paintings, sculptures and other interesting objects, one of the main attractions here is the well preserved flat arch which is next to the chapel.

Tel: +507 228 2897

History Museum of Panama.

The History Museum of Panama is located in the Municipal Palace and is one of Panama's best museums, if you love history and want to learn about the history of Panama and it's surrounding areas. Here at the History Museum you will be able to see many artifacts, including artifacts from the colonial and the period when Panama was in Union with Columbia, i'm sure after your visit to the History Museum you have a lot more understanding about Panama and it's history.

Tel: +507 228 6231

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Museums in Panama

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