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Sightseeing in Panama

If your looking to go sightseeing around Panama then you be spoilt for choice for what to see and do, with places like the Soberania National Park, Taboga Island, Fort Amador and Tesoro Del Caribe.

Sightseeing in Panama
El Valle de Anton.

You can make a tour along the Pan American Highway to El Valle de Anton, the beautiful mountain town in the Cocle province, this picturesque valley has a cool and pleasant climate and is 600 meters above sea level, El Valle de Anton attracts many tourists as there are Indian petroglyphs, waterfalls, hot springs, rock climbing and a wide range of hiking you can do, even the Sunday Indian Market is a worth visting, mainly because it offers a large collection of native handicrafts. You could even visit the El Chorro Macho Waterfall's ancient petroglyphs or have a trip to the Zoo and Nispero Gardens, there you can enjoy the rare golden frogs that are found only in this valley, visiting El Valle de Anton great for people who love to explore.

Soberania National Park.

The Soberania National Park offers important scientific research on different mammals and birds and it also provides much of the water for the Panama Canal, you can get a bird's eye view on the wildlife activity by visiting this rainforest, the park has remarkable trails and interesting scientific areas for research. You can observe a variety of different birds and mammals in the canopy tower, remember that the wildlife activity is at it's highest in the early morning, this is the best place to visit if you want to get a closer look at wildlife, this outdoor activity helps travellers to enjoy their trip.

The Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal is one of the major attractions in the city, the construction of the canal was the largest and most difficult project of engineering that was ever undertaken, the canal created an enormous impact on regional shipping. There are lot's of tours available to the Panama Canal, there is an early departure from Pier 18 that will take you into the Miraflores Locks, the locks have a two step process where the ship is actually raised up to 54 feet, this activity uses gravity to send water from the lake of Pedro Miguel to fill the chambers at the place where the ship is being locked, after the completion of the process, you can get into Pedro Miguel's Lake, the entire activity is really adventurous and exciting and attracts large numbers of travellers from all parts of the world.

Taboga Island.

Enjoy the beautiful island of Taboga with a boat ride from the city of Panama, the island offers you a lot to choose from, once here you can enjoy strolling through nature on trails and paths or can relax, swim, or snorkel at one of the beaches of the Taboga Hotels. Locally the Island is known as the Island of Flowers because of it's blooming vegetation.

The tour to Taboga Island offers you extended relaxation time, Taboga Island is a famous tourist destination that provides you with many chances to interact with Panamanians and foreigners, after enjoying the beauty and archeology of the island, you could try delicious delicacies, such as Panamanian food, tourists are always well catered for Taboga Island and i'm sure once you have been there once you will want to return many times.

Fort Amador.

Fort Amador is a historical moment that most tourists will love to visit, the Amador Causeway is located outside the city of Panama and offers eye catching views to visitors, you can go on a tour which is really interesting as it gives the opportunity to visit Amador Causeway that connects to other islands such as Flamenco, Naos, and Perico.

Surveillance equipment has been installed by the United States Military Intelligence to keep a track on the movements of ships, planes, and even communication signals around the area. Today there are many restaurants and discotheques in Amador as the area is undergoing continuous development with the construction of cruise liners and hotels, a tour to Panama City will always offer you adventure and fun, adding to your traveling experience.

Tesoro Del Caribe.

Tesoro Del Caribe makes the best choice for the tourists who want to relax and enjoy their holiday, the Caribbean settings with white sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs turn the place into a tourist paradise, you will be able to enjoy the Caribbean sun, private beaches, refreshing sea breezes, countless fish, and numerous birds that add to the elegance of Tesoro Del Caribe.

On Tesoro Del Caribe you can find Eco friendly tourist lodges where you can enjoy exquisite homemade meals of vegetables, fresh fish, and fruits, the place is really great for those people who wish to have additional activities to make their travel more exciting and enjoyable.

Panama City.

You can enjoy touring through various important places in Panama, they provide you good insight into the Casco Viejo or even seeing the Panama Canal ships which are amazing. Panama's traditional and commercial areas all contribute to the development of Panama City, your visit to Casco Viejo gives you a wonderful feeling while passing through its stretched streets, plazas, and public parks, the France Plaza and San Jose Church with its beautiful altar also attract tourists. In Panama you can learn about the function and history of the biggest engineering structure and the 8th wonder of the World by touring the city, for more adventure you can make a tour to the ruins of Old Panama City, which was destroyed in 1671 by pirate Henry Morgan.

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Sightseeing in Panama

Sightseeing in Panama

Sightseeing in Panama

Sightseeing in Panama

Sightseeing in Panama

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