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Travelling to Panama

There are quite a few airlines that offer cheap flights to Tocumen International Airport, Panama, including Copaair, Air panama, Aeroperlas, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Grupp Taca.

Travelling to Panama
Travelling to Panama by Air.

Tocumen International Airport is the destination for International flights for Panama city, the airport is only 20 miles to the east of Panama City, once at the airport you can hire a taxi or catch a bus to get into the city. Airport taxis have set rates, so you can check how much the fare will be before you catch your taxi, if you need to find out more then there is a information booth for transport in the airports lobby, there are a few hotels near the airport if you want to rest first. Panama has more private airstrips compared to other countries in the world, if you want to have more adventure then you can hire a small two engine passenger planes, the remote interior regions of Panama can be accessed better with private planes, though you will need to verify your destinations to clear customs because each airstrip cannot clear you.

Travelling to Panama by Sea.

Many cruise liners can help you to get to the city of Panama at reasonable prices, you can make tours to Colon City or Panama City through different water transport packages, even small private sail boats are also available to provide tourists with comfortable water transport services between Panama and Colombia, fares vary from trip to trip, mini cruises also make a good way to travel and some ferry companies can offer you amazing cheap deals for your cruise.

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